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The Region of Bamberg

Life in Bamberg

With a history spanning more than a thousand years, Bamberg is today a more vibrant city than ever before. The old lanes and squares come alive with a vibrant Franconian lifestyle possessing an almost Mediterranean flair. Nestled between picturesque house façades, cafés and restaurants welcome visitors.

Situated in the heart of Franconia, three beautiful nature parks enhance the region - Fränkische Schweiz, Steigerwald, and Hassberge. The area is a paradise for bikers and hikers, as well as climbing, skating, golf, hang gliding, and water-sports enthusiasts. Finally, locals and guests, young and old alike, enjoy the inviting ambience of a “Bierkeller” – the Franconian beer garden. Either in the city or in the countryside, there is no more beautiful place to enjoy the close of a Franconian summer day.

Richness of Art and Culture

A wide variety of cultural attractions make the region a unique stage for art and culture. More than a thousand years of history come together in an urban “Gesamtkunstwerk” (complete artwork). The OldTown Hall perched on a bridge across the river Regnitz, the Bamberg Cathedral with its four spires, the famous Bamberg Knight statue, medieval lanes and magnificent baroque mansions: there are many reasons why the entire OldTown section of Bamberg was designated as a “World Heritage” site by UNESCO.  

Art and culture are part of daily life in Bamberg and can be experienced both on an epic scale and in intimate settings. The world famous Bamberg Symphony Orchestra in the modern concert hall, a string quartet cast against the backdrop of a historic castle, a play in the E.T.A. Hoffmann Theater, fascinating scenes within the scope of the “Franconian Theater Summer,” museums dazzling with illuminated manuscripts, the LeviStraussJeansMuseum, artworks by great masters, and sculpture by artists from every continent. Art lovers of all forms and styles will find something to treasure!

Bamberg´s Economic Area

Exceptional quality of life, an attractive cultural environment, and a modern infrastructure provide the backdrop for an economy which has developed steadily for many years. Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as well as worldwide global players – all have flourished economically and contribute to Bamberg’s reputation as a future-oriented growth area.  In addition, the region boasts a well qualified and highly motivated skilled workforce. The city and district of Bamberg are part of the European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg and therefore optimally connected to international markets. This unique environment permits a dual focus on progress and entrepreneurship while simultaneously preserving tradition.

Commercial investors benefit from active assistance by the city and district of Bamberg. The municipal administration provides advice and entrepreneur-friendly information that guarantees negotiating support for real estate purchases and quick, non-bureaucratic licensing procedures.

Education in Bamberg

Bamberg's Otto Friedrich University attracts more than 12,000 students from all over the world. Humanities, cultural studies, science, and social studies are among the foremost disciplines. It is the leading university in Bavaria for economics and applied informatics. In addition, the region's educational system is a pace-setter, offering outstanding elementary and middle-school education, as well as eight exceptional high schools and an evening instruction program. That's not to mention the whole range of professional and vocational training.

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