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Botschafter Bamberg




Regular Events

The ambassadors for Bamberg meet twice a year. At the annual meeting new personalities are taken up regularly in the circle of the ambassadors; the company visit in an ambassadorial enterprise is used for information and networking.

The following events have taken place up to now:

  • Initial meeting at the Hotel Residenzschloss 2002
  • Annual meeting at the Hotel Residenzschloss 2003
  • Annual meeting at the Hotel Residenzschloss 2004
  • Annual meeting at the Hotel Residenzschloss 2005
  • Ambassador evening at the Rural Museum in Frensdorf 2005
  • Annual meeting at the Villa Concordia 2006
  • Company visit at DOCexpert Computer GmbH 2006
  • Annual meeting at Seehof Castle 2007
  • Company visit at Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH 2007
  • Annual meeting at Villa Dessauer 2008
  • Company visit at Dr. Robert Pfleger GmbH 2008
  • Annual meeting at Burgellern Castle 2009
  • Company visit at Michelin Reifenwerke 2009
  • Annual meeting at Villa Concordia 2010
  • Company visit at Walter Senger 2010
  • Annual meeting at Giechburg Castle 2011
  • Visit at the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra 2011
  • Annual meeting at the State Garden Show in Bamberg 2012
  • Company visit at Musikhaus Thomann 2012
  • Annual meeting at Weissenstein Castle in Pommersfelden 2013
  • Company visit at the Brose Baskets 2013
  • Annual meeting at the Old City Hall of Bamberg 2014

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